Wonder Woman And Superman

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“The most famous heroine of all time,” says DC Entertainment. Wonder Woman has it all, from beauty to brains to brawn. She was known as Diana, the Princess of the Amazons, before she became known as Wonder Woman. She is similar to male superheroes, such as Superman, in many ways, but there are definitely differences. I think we can all agree that the most obvious difference is Wonder Woman is a girl. She teaches love, and she fights for peace. She doesn’t fight unless it is necessary. She stands for feminism and represents an evolving female. Wonder Woman was the Princess of the Amazons. She was born and raised on what is known as Paradise Island. This is where she learned how to fight like a warrior. She received her powers from the Greek gods. Once she received the powers, she decided to go to America to help fight against the criminals and villains in the world. Superman was from a planet called Krypton. His dad sent him to Earth on a rocket ship in order to save him from the attack on their planet. Upon arriving to Earth, Superman gained power after absorbing the yellow sun rays. As his powers grew stronger, he started to utilize them in a positive way. All superheroes have super abilities. Some of the abilities Wonder Woman and Superman have in common are super strength, super speed, durability, healing power, stamina, and enhanced senses. They can anticipate the next move of their enemy. Although many superheroes also share these basic capabilities, they have

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