Woodrow Wilson 's Accomplishments And Failures

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Aamenah Hmimy
Professor Harvey
16 November 15
Woodrow Wilson During his two term presidency, President Woodrow Wilson had a series of achievements and failures. He was a very hard working president that promoted Democracy, was successful when it came to both foreign and domestic policy, and had the traits of a true leader. He cared for the people he represented, and showed it in more ways than one. For the reasons stated, Woodrow Wilson is a president worthy of an A. Woodrow Wilson had always believed in leaving the world a better place than he found it, and was driven by a sense of mission and high ideals. Wilson was a strong Democrat and believed in making the world safe for Democracy, which sometimes clouded his better judgement. For example, he once stated that the US would “cultivate the friendship and deserve the confidence(Wilson)” of the Latin American states, but insisted that their government must be a Democracy, which irritated them. Wilson once said that “to fight, you must be brutal and ruthless, and the spirit of ruthless brutality will enter into the very fiber of our national life,(Wilson)” showing his reluctance of entering war and wanting to keep world peace. Wilson advocated for women, small businesses, and farmers by writing letters and giving speeches about women’s voting rights and passing the Triple Wall of Privilege. Wilson even won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to keep the peace in the world. For these reasons, Woodrow Wilson

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