Examples of How Words Have the Power to Inspire Change

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Words have the power to change the lives of millions, people who take a stand speak for others and fight for what they want. Words have the power to provoke action, calm negative emotions and can inspire change as the following passages will elaborate that words have the power to change people. Events that go into history start with powerful speeches that persuade listeners to fight with them. Words have the power to Provoke action by when people who take a stand for others and persuade them to take action for what they want. In I Have a Dream Martin Luther King Jr. states “...No,no,no,we are not satisfied ,and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like a waters of righteousness, like a mighty stream.” (Pg 263) Martin Luther King Jr during his “I Have a dream” speech he tells everyone that they will not stop fighting until they get what they want. Cesar Chavez a protester against table grapes states his demands, during his speech called Lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. he states “ Please, boycott table grapes. For your safety, for the workers and for the children, we must act together.” (Pg 328) Both Martin Luther King Jr. state that they will fight for what they want and will not stop til they get what they want for the good of the people. Words can provoke action because hey persuade listeners that their cause is worth supporting. Words can calm negative emotions by giving other hope that things will be better. Robert F. Kennedy gives a speech in

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