Words To Describe Jonah

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Jonah is potty trained. Mr.Gilliam said it was a little difficult to potty train Jonah in the beginning but he has no accidents for quite some time now. Jonah father is proud that he is not a fussy eater. Mr. Gilliam shared with me that Jonah has quite the appetite. He enjoys chicken, rice, mashed potatoes, corn and surprisingly most vegetables, including broccoli, which is his favorite.Jonah does not like to sleep. Naptimes are a challenge as are bedtimes. He typically stays awake and hums or plays with things in close proximity, even if it is just a piece of string or thread from his blanket. He also likes to play around under the sheets. When it comes to disciplining jonah Mr.Gilliam prefers to take away items and/or privileges instead of

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