Working Conditions During Late Nineteenth Century

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Working Conditions in Late Nineteenth Century From New Era to Great Depression, 1920-1932 The Great Depression is a global financial crisis that affected developed nations in 1930. Although nations started experiencing its onsets towards the end of 1929, most developed countries felt its impacts in 1930. However, when it ended different countries experienced signs of recovery in the late 1930. Most importantly is the occurrence of Wall Street Crash that took place in 1929, where it was seen as the interchangeable term that used for Great Depression. Apparently, this event emanated from the US and is considered as one of the causes of the Depression. Although, the occurrence of the depression took place after the collapse of the stock market exchange, the depression did not arise because of the collapse of the exchange. Therefore, this paper seeks to illustrate the causes of the Great Depression. Overpopulation Overpopulation is a critical issue that resulted in the Great Depression. Apparently, the challenge did not affect industrial producing companies only, but also the Agricultural sector. In the early 1920s, farmers in the US were producing much less food that could not sustain the entire population. Because of the drop in the prices of land, the agricultural sector started to fail resulting in a decrease in food production because of a fall in demand. For this reason, unemployment rose in the US. On the other hand, industries were affected because they could not
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