Working Long Hours And Its Effect On Family Life

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Working long hours has become a tradition in modern society. Although it was postulated from the past that today’s society would have too much free time, this has turned out to be a sharp contradiction. In this paper, an examination of working long hours is examined with respect to how this habit became a norm, how it is propagated, and its effect on family life. Working long hours is a result of scarcity of resources in society. Long working hours is now a norm for society. This custom became established in the late 20th century. A good part of the 20th century was spent thinking about how the future would be full of leisure times for all the people. At the down of 1900, there were widespread perception that the future was going to be…show more content…
Living standards have risen steadily and wages seem to be always failing to keep up. For instance, college tuition has been increasing exponentially. It has been shown that between 1978 and 2012, tuition fees for colleges increased by 1,120 percent. Basic services such as child care are also quite expensive and in some states more costly than public colleges. Further, healthcare premiums increased by almost 100 percent between 2002 and 2012. All these increases are not being countered by increase in wages. In the contrary, wages continue to fall. For instance, in 975 wages made up half of the GDP but this fell to 43.5 percent in 2012. To compensate for the low wages and meet financial obligations, people find themselves working long hours to accumulate enough resources to cater for their needs. Secondly, the society has grown more materialistic. It has been reported that up to 1.2 trillion, 11.2 percent of consumer spending, is consumed on unnecessary products. Even for the products which may be necessary, the more costly ones seem to be preferred over the less costly. For instance, people will tend to buy bigger cars despite the fact that even small cars may serve them well. Being materialistic may help one to live comfortably. Further, gathering more wealth is also seen as a signal of success in the society. Therefore, one needs to work for long hours in order to meet the materialistic expectation of the society. Thirdly, jobs have
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