Working Men And Women For Countless Years Have Struggled

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Working men and women for countless years have struggled to find the balance between succeeding in their careers versus being an influential role in their children’s life. Differing careers have enabled various levels of success in being able to reach the epitome of parenthood and career ambitions. Anne-Marie Slaughter, author of “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”, and Richard Dorment, author of “Why Men Still Can’t Have It All”, attempt to depict how working parents make sacrifices that ultimately lead to success in the workplace and as parents. I consider Richard Dorment more convincing in his essay than Anne-Marie Slaughter, because he provides compelling arguments about equality in parenting, success in the workplace, and paternity …show more content…

Many parents have to make decisions about their careers based off of their unsupportive spouse. With that many parents struggle to find a way to meet all of their goals and get all that they want accomplished. Dorment also stresses the unrealistic pressure women put on themselves to be perfect. He addresses these problems in rebuttal to Slaughter, who says that society has placed expectations on women from the beginning. Slaughter’s opinion about how society views women in power that leave their job to be with their family as a euphemism for being fired (Slaughter 682). This is incredibly wrong if a woman or man chooses to step down to be with their family it should not be so implausible that they reason that they have been fired. However, society is not only to blame for the pressures women feel to be perfect. According to Dorment women are too hard on themselves his prime example being chores in his household. Personally, I agree with both authors to an extent woman are both pressured by society, but also exceptionally hard on themselves. If women could learn to ignore society and allow others to take on some of the household responsibilities sometimes maybe some of the pressure would be relieved from their lives. Although that is a difficult task to ask of any woman if it is accomplished the household duties that Dorment talks about could more efficiently be split between spouses. Both essays also address success in

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