Why Women Still Can 't Have It All By Anne Marie Slaughter

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In today’s economy, it is a hard fact that many women will have to enter the workforce. In her article for The Atlantic, “Why Women Still Can’t have it All”, Anne-Marie Slaughter examines the difficulties faced by women who either have children or would someday like to do so. Having given up on the task of holding a high powered government position while being the mother of a teenager, her kairotic moment, the author discusses the changes that would be necessary in order for women to find a real work-life balance. Although Slaughter 's target audience is primarily women who seek high powered positions, the article contains ample information that should appeal to both men who seek to balance the needs of a growing family with their work responsibilities, as well as workplace policy makers who could help usher in the necessary changes. Her goal in sharing her experiences is to argue that women can succeed at the very top level of their organizations, “But not today, not with the way America’s economy and society are currently structured” (Slaughter).
Before accepting her position as the first woman director of policy planning at the state department, Anne-Marie Slaughter served as a law professor as well as as a dean at Princeton University. In her career in academia, she had great latitude in setting her own schedule. This stood in stark contrast to the stifling bureaucracy of the state department where she never “left the office early enough to go to any stores other than

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