Working Together To Safeguard Children Essay

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Working Together to safeguard children 2015 is a statutory guidance and says ‘’specific duties in relation to children’s need and children suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm.’’ (

Children Act 2004 section 11 states which professional and agencies have to safeguard and promote welfare. ‘’local authorities, councils, public health, NHS foundation and trust, Policing body, crime agency, college, and any person to the extent that he is providing services.’’ (

Local authorities have a responsibility to safeguard and promote welfare of all children in their area.
Working together to safeguard children 2015 say not just the local authority but everyone who comes into contact with children and families …show more content…

Before Daniel Pelka’s death there had been many serious case reviews for example in the same year January 2013 the death of 7year old Yaseen Ali. The key issue was audit training for staff at schools in terms of safeguarding. (Heritage 2016)
How can the same mistake take place again? Eight months down the line Daniel Pelka passed away for exactly the same reason school not picking up on things and not reporting incidents.

Staff were not aware of who they could talk to, this critic’s poor management and lack of training. Staff have a duty of care according to section 11 of Children Act 2004 and yet they could not protect Daniels safety and wellbeing and failed to take any action to save his

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