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The United States is a country where just about every one has chance to attend college. Unfirtantly not every one of those individuals has the oppurtinity to finish college. In
Dave Leonhardt's article “The College Dropout Boom”- he claims that there is a wideing gap between the children of the rich and the children of the poor when it comes to education. Dave Leonhardt discusses the factors that goes into the notion that there is a wideing gap between children from poor parents and children of wealthy parents. Despite the fact that the American system of higher learning has become a great equalizer, their are still groups of people who struggle to ear a college degree. Most notably those in the middle and low income class. Being a student that comes from a middle class family who is neither poor nor wealthy, I have experienced both sides of the spectrum that Dave Leonhardt's article discuses. That has left me on the verge of dropping out of college or too continue my college education.

A leading reason on why middle and low income students tend to drop out of college before getting their college degree is that they could be unknowingly be following the example of their own parents who may not have gotten a degree of their own as young adults. In many instances the parents of middle and low income students did not have the opportunity to attend college ,or had too drop out of school because of the demands of a growing family. Sometimes life gets in the way and

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