Workplace and Patient Safety

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Hospital Workplace and Patient safety: The first interventions for positive outcome

Outline of the Article

I. Backgound

II. Objective

III. Errors due to fatigue of nursing personnel

IV. Healthcare Associated Infections

V. Personal Protective equipments

VI. Hand Hygiene

VII. Transitions of care and Patient Handoffs

VIII. Conclusion

IX. References

Hospital Workplace and Patient safety: The first interventions for positive outcome Background

Safety of any workplace is very important in …show more content…

Fatigue can also be prevented by employing relaxation techniques in care settings. There should also be proper screening techniques to understand the level of fatigue of particular nursing personnel on a particular day and if needed she should be deployed in less critical units to avoid chances of errors. This is because critical care patents often lack suitable coping strategies to combat the errors that jeopardize their safety.

Healthcare Associated Infections

Healthcare Associated Infections not only impacts the patients who are admitted but also the care providers who are deployed for providing care. The major healthcare associated infections are nosocomial infections and transmission diseases like hepatitis A and B. Nosocomial infections are hospital acquired infections and are mainly caused by gram negative organisms and methicilin resistant staphylococcus. These are opportunistic pathogens and whenever a patient is febrile or having a decreased immune function, these pathogens cause super infections that leads to increased morbidity and mortality in patients. These pathogens may also infect health care providers who have a compromised nutritional and immunological status and such individuals are readily attacked by these pathogens. The major cause of their prevalence is under dosing of antibiotic regimes, improper asepsis procedures in healthcare

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