Works of Sappho and Catullus

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Sappho and Catullus Literature has the ability to reflect the society in which the piece was created and the cultural beliefs of that community. Ancient Greece and Rome have been thoroughly investigated by historical scholars. Some of the most beautiful art and literature, as well as some of the most intelligent science have come to the population of the world through the work of these ancient thinkers and artists. Ancient Greece and Rome were the homes of some of the world's most beautiful architecture. What is known for a fact about Ancient Greek and Roman life is limited, but through the writings and artwork of those that lived so long ago, scholars can piece together an understanding of a truly unique society. Within the climate of those empires, women were primarily seen and little heard. Women were wives and mothers of children and their position in society was based on subservience to the patriarchy. Although women could achieve some power in the community, it was usually only possible through the alliances that they made through marriage. Sappho and Catullus, of Greece and Rome respectively, wrote thoroughly about the cultural climate in which they lived and the gender ideologies of their society as well. The former is perhaps the most well-known female poet of her period and both of the writers used the literary form of poetry in order to expound on the gender inequality of their society and how unfair this patriarchy was. They both discuss male-female
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