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World Class in Dixieland One thing that Mercedes has been able to do is to build a reputation for itself, built on quality and customer satisfaction. For some, when we hear the name Mercedes, we think of sleek, sexy, and expensive automobiles. However, we also know that when they turn that key, the German engineering behind that vehicle will not fail us. Mercedes relies on the rock solid reputation, and for them to build a vehicle outside of Germany is a huge risk, high reward endeavor. However, they believe that their new facility in Vance, Alabama will help them to get the new M-class into the market faster to compete with the Ford Explorer and the Jeep Gran Cherokee.
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autoworker off its new M-class. For those of
Page 4 us that are old, enough to remember how the Big 3 automakers almost collapsed back in the late 70's, early 80's, the world was made aware of the troubles in these plants. The autoworkers seemed to be sucking the companies dry with their extravagant labor agreements, while their levity, quality and design of their product was lackluster. The oil embargo that OPEC orchestrated also revealed a problem with U.S. automakers, they were unwilling to adapt to the changing environment around them. Meanwhile the Japanese automakers were busy making fuel-efficient, smaller, less expensive vehicles; the Big 3 resisted this change with their very fiber. They continued to crank out their muscle cars, and their gas-guzzlers. Consumers lost confidence in the U.S. automobile and quickly switched to the cheaper more fuel-efficient Japanese models. However, what does this have to do with the new Mercedes' plant and the new M-class? The world still remembers those U.S. automakers and the employees that they had. They are a witness to the eventual fall of the biggest of the Big 3, General Motors. They have seen the U.S. government jump in and take over General Motors, while waiting Chrysler's downfall that required a merger with Italian manufacturer Fiat just to stay afloat. The world saw the largest vehicle recall in the history of the automobile when U.S. manufactured Toyota's were raked across the

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