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Business Ethics Final Project Extraordinary Circumstances Stephanie Burg 2/16/2009 Table of Contents Mission Statement 3 Ethical Principles/Tenets 4 Day to Day Operations 5 Cynthia Cooper and the Culture 6 Conclusion 8 Works Cited 10 1)Provide a Mission Statement and brief background about WorldCom. Briefly explain how WorldCom did not honor their statement. WorldCom - "our objective is to be the most profitable , single source provider of communications services to customers around the world. Unstated Mission - Increase shareholder value." WorldCom's mission statement neatly encapsulated aspirations and strategies to be the leading facilities-based provider of end-to-end Telecommunications and Internet services to…show more content…
WorldCom focused on shareholder value through stock appreciation (not profits or dividends) and the shareholders were highly valued. WorldCom employee's performance evaluations werealmost entirely based on "right results". (jobsite .com) They created an environment and had the departments and individuals competing with each other. Employees and divisions were constantly under pressure to deliver the required results, at times at each others' expense. Since a person's job was at risk if he didn't deliver, there was often the temptation to lie and deceive in order to meet the requirements and stay employed. Since all of this flowed down from, and then bubbled back up to the very top of the company to the executives who had set expectations with investors, the same temptations and the same behaviors existed at all levels within the company. Each department within the company had firm financial goals to meet. Whenever possible, individuals had specific financial goals. This behavior created a culture of selfishness, greed, and "results at all costs." In the end, it bred lies and deception. This culture resulted in the massive accounting fraud that has been uncovered. (Sarno) At the very top of the company you had some executives where pride came into play. These guys were used to winning, they were used to being praised on Wall Street, and didn't want the

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