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Effective Communication in the Workplace Dominic Defalco BUS100 Intro To Business Grace Flannigan 11/8/2015 In the fast-paced world that we live in, communication has become a way of life, especially within the business environment. From a manager's point of view, communication is the key to the success of many objectives and goals set by individuals and upper management. Unfortunately, management at every level is experiencing increased tension and uncertainties from lack of communication within the workplace. "Therefore, the need for new strategies such as listening preparations, which includes the mental, physical, and behavioral aspects required for communicating and listening…show more content…
It is important to remember that good communication skills require the use of critical thinking, which allows us to take control of our opinions and mind-set in order to make better judgments without jumping to conclusions, which can ultimately lead to conflicts. Therefore, the use of critical thinking skills and good communication skills provides us with the intellectual standards needed to ask questions about the certain situations that might otherwise be overlooked. With everything that we have studied during this class, I found that keeping an open mind and thinking outside the box is the easiest way to approach certain situations that require a special need for communication skills. "Although, our communication skills will always change throughout our lives because of our constantly changing self-concept and perceptions. I have been using strategies like actively listening and proper assessments, as a way to achieve a flexible style effectively communicating. To me, good communication skills with a positive attitude open the doors to a successful career that is beneficial to any organization, but more importantly a way of knowing and understanding those around you. As mentioned earlier, recognizing personalities and self-concepts is very important within any organization. From a personal and a management viewpoint, the high expectations of communication skills within my career, has actually been very helpful with the
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