World War 1 Creative Writing

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As I walked through the rugged trenches of World War 1 a bullet flew over my head.I jumped for shelter.As soon as that happened a cluster of German soilders came sprinting towards my position.They were trying to infiltrate my trench.Then I woke up it was a flashback in my memory.This was one of many daily flashbacks.Lately they had been occurring more often than before.The doctor came to me accost he said there was only one unequivocal cure...going back.I had pondered about it a lot and I have now become more submissive to the theory.It was still an agitation to me.I went down to my basement to the lopsided time machine I had erected many years ago. I looked at the cold,stale,tumid time machine.I got in cranked a lever and whiz I was away.Back to WWI.I had gone there before and I was excited to go back.When I got out of the machine I noticed the terrain and I knew where I was.But I could not tell if I was in German occupied territory or British territory.Either way I could speak both languages lustrously.I could even speak them with an accent.I was not maladroit at making people from other…show more content…
I walked around his trench some.Only to find cadavers bodies and a rotting stench.The doctor said I had to go back but he never said I had to stay a long time.So I went back to my contraption yanked a lever and whiz I was away to the future.After that I did not have as many flash backs.The docter said I had recovered almost 100 percent.After that my machine was a complete perdition.And I was pretexed from time traveling.I want to say thanks to my doctor who at the time was a philanthropist to me at that time.Im an old man today who has no buisnes in time travel.Until next time good
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