World War 2 Effects On America

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The essay is written about the effects of World war II on America. This essay is connected to three different standards that were taught this year. Firstly, it goes into a great depth of detail about the U.S staying out of War at the beginning, which is also called isolationism . It explains the benefits of staying out for as long as they can. However, the U.S could no longer stay out of war forever because of its allies were in trouble and the attack of Pearl Harbor. This goes into the second standard, how the U.S was boosted as a whole because of entering the war and even by the attack of Pearl Harbor. These were explained by how african americans and women played new roles in society making the country equal in many new ways. For example, women were granted the right to vote because of how big of a role they played in the war effect.…show more content…
This really shows strength within the country. The Pearl Harbor attack also goes into a different subject of how it change the world as we know it in technology itself. This attack made the U.S and Ja[na have a great conflict , which called for something greater than anything anyone has seen to end it. This is where the atomic bomb is created. This massive new advancement of technology showed power to the U.S and could support how they became a huge world power after the war. After reading the essay the reader can learn many ways of how the U.S was affected by World War 2. From the society, the economy and from the decision that were made by the people themselves and some more important roles, that made the U.S a new world
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