World War I Gained Its Label

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World War I was, simply put, a war like no other. It was the first total war the world had experienced and it revolutionized our idea of war and what it entailed. World War I eventually coined the nickname “the war to end all wars”; which we now find to be ironic because there have been plenty of wars since. At the time, however, it was believed that society would be rebirthed by the war and it would be changed to a more perfect form. There would be no sense in war anymore because humanity would finally be ideal. Yet when we examine the casualties and destruction post-war, they add up to a horrific amount. During this era, it seemed nearly impossible for war to continue, in consideration to the welfare of humanity. Still though, it only …show more content…

Sometimes, terrible things have to happen so necessary changes can take place. In contrast to President Wilson’s more rational ideals, Winston Churchill, an allied leader, argued this. He claimed that, “We are not meant to find peace in this world,” and that war often brought progress and necessary revolutions for the betterment of society. Some believed it would erase the class systems and return the mannerly values of society. Others believed it would overthrow the oppressing sense of dictatorship and democracy would prevail. Colonials believed that maybe the Europeans would finally grant them independence.

Although war brings death and destruction, the world could be worse without it. Sometimes there’s a lot to lose but even more to gain. Even Emile Zola, a person notorious for being a leftist, found that, “it is only the warlike nations that have prospered. A nation dies as soon as it disarms. War is the school of discipline, sacrifice, and courage.” The Great War could not be “the war to end all wars” because history repeats itself. Just as World War I was seemingly bound to happen, so is every other war. An event leads to another event, which will eventually lead to war. Life seems to be a never ending cycle of major historical events and their repercussions. Nothing would ever end war because the world doesn’t know how to function without it.

World War I presented a war that was more industrial than those that had preceded it. It

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