World War I Was One Of The Most Drastic Events During American History Essay

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World War I was one of the most drastic events in American history. It had an unequaled contribution to shaping modern-day American culture. “WWI and American Art” successfully documents a fragile moment in American History from the Perspective of the visual artist. The curators achieve this by communicating some important historical facts. This review intends to expound on how these works exemplify these facts and to provide a criticism of its effectiveness. The exhibition is organized systematically and chronologically, as well as sequentially. Each segment has a title, supplemented by a detailed description which gives context to the content. This makes for easy transitioning through the various sections of the show. To the curator’s credit, the audience will find these descriptions extremely useful. Without them as a guide it would be difficult to keep track of the sequence in which the objects are organized. The personal accounts of the artist’s experience of the war are also useful. They add a context to the circumstances surrounding the artist during that time. Such a device strengthens the viewer’s understanding of the object being displayed. Through this exhibition, the curators have managed to expertly communicate a few historical truths. Firstly, that American artists responded to war in creative ways; exemplified by the variety of works on display. Secondly, American artists had a position on the War. They were actual vocal members of society who

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