World War I and the Progressive Movement

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“World War I and the progressive movement”

Through the course of American history, many great wars and battles have been fought but none have left a greater impact than World War I. World war I was known as the Great War, although America’s initial plan of action was to bring global peace. The tables unfortunately turned on them. The treaty of Versailles which was meant to be a conclusion to the madness, lead to an even greater bloodshed. The Great War span from 1914-1919, within this period of time around 10 million died and 20 million were injured worldwide. The progressive era took place during 1890-1920. The progressive era was a constitutional movement led by a group of citizens that believed that their struggles such as poverty, and violence would get resolved by the government and by education. The constitutional movement wanted the Americans to take a moment and deeply perceive the meaning of democracy. Industries and America were pro-business and practiced private parties. The company became inveigle by industry and political machines and lessened the public influence; capitalism became the higher power, rather than the public being in control, which made a negative effect on society. During the progressive movement the African American communities were still living as the run-down of society. They were being accountable to unfair treatments that included executions, segregation from public spaces, not allowed to take part in any

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