World War II and Immigration Essay

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World War II and Immigration After the Second World War, a great number of people faced massive destruction of their homes in major towns and cities all over Europe. After 1945, the cold war began between communist Eastern Europe, and capitalist countries of Western Europe and USA. Many people did not want to live under harsh regimes; therefore, they became refugees and fled to the west. The largest numbers of refugees to settle in England were Polish.

After the War came to halt, Britain needed help to rebuild and the …show more content…

Where he came from there was plenty of sunshine and colour. People kept on asking were you were from and when you told them, they had not a clue. He says he realy wanted to go back because he missed the sort of freedom and companionship that he had with his kind.

Many of the people who lived in Britain between 1948 to 1960had high expectations, which was soon disillusioned by the racial discrimination they had faced. It affected them in every aspect in life, from finding a job, to finding a home to live. After 1945, there was a shortage of houses as well as labours, due to the war. It was at that specific point when immigrants first experienced the colour bar. M. Phillips and T.Phillips quoted that wherever you went there were signs of no blacks, niggers, Irish and Dogs. It was very difficult to get a room. Most black people had to settle in the slums of London, Liverpool, Nottingham and other cities. These areas also had very poor housing. Peter Rachman only offered crumbling houses infested by rats and surrounded by rubbish. The black people also experienced the same discriminations at work. People who had qualifications in medicine and law ended up working low status jobs because of discrimination.

During 1960s and 1970s there was in increase in racial discrimination, and

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