World War I's Great Effect on Austalia and Singapore Essay

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The after effects of World War 1 on Australia were quite tremendous. Although many made it back, hundreds of thousands died fighting, and left a huge gap in the Australian population, which weren’t exceptionally populated to begin with. Those who came back from the war were unemployed, and majority severely wounded. They also brought back with them the Spanish Flu, brought from Europe during their time fighting, and spread through Australia, killing over 10,000 Australians.

As there was much unemployment, the government gave them farming land, but majority were unsuccessful. The government had to provide pensions for those who were severely wounded or ill and could not work, and also compensations for those who lost family members or …show more content…

Japan had already controlled Malaysia on 8th December 1941. It started to bomb a few Singaporean sites, including telephone connections with generals, and began their official invasions of Singapore on the 25th of December.

The problem that led to the downfall of the Allies was that their weapons and army were designed to attack south. So they waited on a naval attack from the Japanese. This was a strategic move for Japan in terms of attack as well as deceiving their enemy and attacked from the north through Malaysia rout. When the Japanese landed on Singapore in the Sarimbun Beach at night and advanced their troops rapidly through the jungle. More Japanese troops, artillery and aircraft began pouring in for support. Singapore began to experience heavy bombing by Japanese aircrafts, as it targeted military and naval base as well as airfields, drawing closer and closer to Singapore city. By the 15th of February, the Japanese army had broken through Singapore’s last line of defence, and they threatened to cause more damage if the Allies doesn’t surrender. Singapore high officials held a meeting discussing whether to counter attack or surrender. They decided to surrender. By surrendering, they had to agree to surrender all military forces, including army, navy and air power and were to hand over their weapons.

After the surrender of Singapore, Japanese began to colonise. Japan renamed the city to Syonan-to in their honour of their victory. They

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