Hitler 's Rise Of Power

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Hitler was especially noted when he earned the First Class Iron Cross, the highest military honor a German could receive. Hitler 's commander had ended up in No Man 's Land, screaming for help. Hitler, crawled out of his trench and pulled him to safety, without get shot down or killed. This gave Hitler a sense of belonging and respect, two things he had never gotten at home. “I sank down upon my knees and thanked Heaven out of the fullness of my heart” (Raggett). Hitler had said. Instead of an Austrian soldier, at that very moment he received the Iron Cross, he became German. Hitler used this to his advantage; especially when he ran for president and gained power, the Iron Cross gave an image of a dedicated and well decorated soldier to…show more content…
It was a slap in the face. Hitler soon became bitter over the treaty and over the loss of German The next event that controlled Hitler’s life was the Beer Hall Putsch, in November of 1923. The Nazi Party, with Hitler as the leader, led a revolution against the ever collapsing government in Germany. It failed, because of the disorganization, lack of men, and the fact that even the few men he had were very inexperienced. Germany was in ruins at the end of WWI, which was perfect for Hitler. People were unemployed, starving and freezing to death, and there was no stable government, because of the postwar damage and the Versailles Treaty. Along with those factors, the humiliation of losing did a toll not only on Hitler, but Germany as a nation. Germany was asking for a way out, and just then Hitler came on national television, being his trial for the Beer Hall Putsch. During this trial, Hitler “claimed to have acted out of sincere, patriotic motives” (White). Also during this trial, Hitler was wearing his Iron Cross, and blaming the Weimar Republic for betrayal. He made the Germans see that the Versailles Treaty was an act of betrayal; and then justified all of this by stating that he was doing what was right for Germany, and that the Weimar were the ones that wronged Germany. Just what the German people wanted; a savior, to rescue them from the economic collapse of their beloved country. Another event that was crucial in Hitler’s rising
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