Hitler 's Rise Of Power

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Hitler was especially noted when he earned the First Class Iron Cross, the highest military honor a German could receive. Hitler 's commander had ended up in No Man 's Land, screaming for help. Hitler, crawled out of his trench and pulled him to safety, without get shot down or killed. This gave
Hitler a sense of belonging and respect, two things he had never gotten at home. “I sank down upon my knees and thanked Heaven out of the fullness of my heart” (Raggett). Hitler had said.
Instead of an Austrian soldier, at that very moment he received the Iron Cross, he became
Hitler used this to his advantage; especially when he ran for president and gained power, the Iron Cross gave an image of a dedicated and well decorated soldier to the German people. He had the glory and recognition, and along with that a major sense of German pride. There were many events that aided in Hitler’s rise to power. The first, for example, was when Hitler was Nguyen 3 fighting in the war on the German front, Hitler became injured from a flying shell fragment. He was then sent back to recover. Hitler was shocked; there was no anti-war sentiment among the nation. He then blamed the Jews for not doing their part, such as fighting in the war. This was when his hatred was born; he saw them as rebels whose goal was to rid Germany of their war effort. The Versailles Treaty also got Hitler’s blood running. He was outraged at the end of the war, realizing Germany had lost. This country, the one…

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