World War One Of The Great World

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It is in human’s nature to be destructive. Where we were given Earth as our home, we are also the ones who are destroying it. Choosing to extract oil from her surface for warmth, instead of using the warmth from the sun which was provided. Choosing to make sweets by a chemical process, instead of eating the natural sweet fruit found on plants. Humans cannot even get along with each other, creating the value of money out of paper, drawing imaginary lines on the surface to claimed who owns what land. even declaring humans own each other based off the lightness or darkness of the skin they were born with. Wars started popping up across the planet, titled successions, resolutions and dominance. One of the first major wars was titled World War …show more content…

Other tells the terror of the war, the discrimination, what they saw, and the things they could never unseen. Still the letters gave you the true facts of what was going on in the trenches and on the front line. After all there is no better storyteller than the ones who are right there, writing about something that happened just moments ago. With the signing of The Armistice taking place on November 11, 1918, ending the first world war, people knew that day was going to be one of the history books. Besides history books though, thousands of stories came about it, some based on real life other a historical fiction. Many veterans took the years after the war to finalize their thoughts and feelings into published work. With everyone still talking about the war years afterwards these books became incredibly popular. One of the most popular ones was titled All Quiet on the Western Front written by a German veteran Erich Maria Remarque. He told the fictional tale of Paul Bäumer a German soldier who senseless death made you realize how horrible the war actually was, and stuck a cord to many of the survivors. This book took hold of western culture as they realize Paul was their enemy, yet he fought and died the same war they did. Other stories emerged as well titled Storm of Steel written by Ernest Jünger who also change the view on how people viewed the Germans. Helen Zenna Smith, published her story titled Not So Quiet… telling the tale of a female ambulance driver and

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