Worshipp Case Study

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I hope you all can read this through as effectively as possible, tell me what to add/remove in what sections so I can improve this application and better my chances to become staff on this server. I've read through my past applications and put that into this application that I deem necessary. Minecraft Username (IGN): Worshipping NameMC (CLICK) Age: 16, Soon turning 17 :) Time zone: Central Timezone (CST) Country: USA How many hours a day can you put into the server?: It varies from 6-12 hours a day. If I'm home that is, I'll try to put as much as free time as I can but I may put some side time to talk to friends aside from the server. Hopefully, you can accept that :) Any previous punishments on the server?: No, that I'm aware of…show more content…
Do you have any past experience as a staff member?: In fact I do, a server called RevivePots (50-200) playerbase network I staffed on shut down about a year ago, HCZone allot of you may know I staffed for about a week. NinjaHCF if any of you remember that, also TacoHCF. This 'TacoHCF' server was just a grab and dash ordeal for money by the owners and of course, they didn't tell their staff. Do you have any experience in screen sharing (detailed): I do, I'll explain in a `theory.` First I'd do /ss {player name} whoever I'm going to screenshare, ask them if they'd like to admit before I say join TS, give them 5 minutes if they wouldn't like to admit, once they join I'll ask them to open an Anydesk and then once they do I'll go through common procedure. (This is for windows.) I'd click the up arrow in the bottom right corner see if action was open, if not I'll check for any other recording device, such as shadow play pushing ALT + Z and seeing if its recording if it's not I'll go through their minecraft, my going through controls using attack/destroy as rshift,v,f,k,l,`,and num lock. If nothing pops up through their I'd thus go to snooper settings, see if they're on forge/optifine. (part 1 for if they are, part 2 will be below if they're on vanilla or a
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