Worst Driving Generation

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Millennials: The Worst Driving Generation “If you know anything about millennials, it’s that they love their smartphones,” (Marshall). For many millennials, leaving their smartphone behind is not an option, even when driving. This has created a persistent problem for drivers of all kinds, whether you drive distracted or not. Texting is not the only thing distracting drivers, smartphone apps create a new type of distraction. The technology driven world that millennials have grown up with have created a new problem, that they don’t know how to live without technology. Distracted driving will continue to persist if millennials can’t learn to leave their smartphone down. Distracted driving has many different factors, whether checking a text or app, eating, or driving too fast. Drivers 19-24 years old are 1.6 times more likely to read a text and twice as likely to send a text while driving. Over half have run a red light, and 12 percent have reported it’s okay to exceed the speed limit by 10 miles-per-hour (Radzievich). “Large majorities recognize the dangers of texting while driving, but we found disturbing differences in actual behavior based on age,” (Fatal Attraction). “Over 88 percent of drivers aged 19 to 24 have texted, run a red light, or exceed the speed limit”. Some distracted driving practices decrease with age and experience, but over 79% of drivers aged 25 to 39 previously have practiced bad driving habits. This also goes down with drivers aged 40 to 59 to 60

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