Worst Ebola Virus

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The deadliest killers on this planet are too small to be seen by the naked eye. These invisible killers are viruses. To this day Ebola is one of the fastest destructive viruses ever known. The infectious disease mainly spreads in the lymphatic organ system like liver, ovaries and kidneys causing organ failure. Most victims experience severe symptoms of high fever, diarrhea, muscle pain, headache, vomiting, internal and external bleeding. Ebola virus is not airborne but transmits to other humans by direct contact with body fluids of the infected person and could kill in 1-2 weeks (WHO Ebola Response Team, 2014). Approximately 90% of contaminated people die and a vaccine or cure treatment still doesn’t exist (Global Alert and Response, 2014). Victims can only get a hospitalized intensive care. The worst Ebola outbreak began to spread in southern Guinea in December 2013 and its now severely affecting three world’s poorest countries: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The unusual spread of the virus was down to many factors including intense mobility around the borders, dense population, poor healthcare, government distrust and lack of international response to the epidemic crisis. …show more content…

The concentration of political and economic relations in the big cities accelerated the virus spread from the small rural areas to crowded capitals like Monrovia and Freetown (Boseley, 2014). Ebola outbreaks happened in the past, however it never moved as fast because it never hit a large city. According to Dr. Chan (2014), director-general of the WHO, incidents are occurring in rural regions, which are difficult to reach, but also in highly populated cities where health systems are broken and control is beyond local resources (p.5). Thus, the most important factor in managing the fast-moving disease is a strong functioning medical framework that will be able to handle Ebola even in large populated

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