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Out of all first world which would you suspect teen pregnancy be the highest? Of course not our prefect country, but yet surprisingly it is. The United States has 305,388 teenagers’ ages fifteen to nineteen give live births a year. That is about 29.4 births per one thousand female teens population (“Teen Birth”). Leann came from an extremely strict home. She was only seventeen when she came home and had to tell her parents she had messed up and was going to be expecting a baby. After telling her parents her mother even kicked her out of the house and told her she was never welcomed back hone. She had been dating a guy at school for six months. They broke up and she found out she was pregnant. Leann was alone and afraid. She finally called the baby daddy and he was so happy and told her he was going to be there every step of the way. They got back together. LeAnn’s mom soon got over the fact she was going to be a grandmother and accepted it (LeAnn). If condoms would have been offered at her school do you think LeAnn’s story would even exist? The distribution of condoms in school can be a sensitive action for some. Offering condoms in high schools across American is an idea that some people are completely opposed to for many reasons. Some say schools should be teaching against underage sexual activity. Also, it is supporting them to engage in intercourse, it is encouraging risky behavior. Citizens say schools should support abstinence. Taxpayers in American do not want to
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