Wrigley Field Essay

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Blocks away from Lake Michigan on the corner of Clark and Addison,

Wrigley Field is the center of a bustling community of diehard Cub fans. Wrigley

field was built in 1914 and can hold up to 41,000 spectators. Outside the ballpark

on any given game day there are beer-guzzling, hotdog eating fans around the park

and in surrounding neighborhoods. Wrigley Field has been the center of baseball

for the north side of Chicago and will be for many years in the future.

Wrigley Field was built in 1914. Wrigley Field was designed by Zachary

Taylor Davis for a federal league team, the Chicago Whales. When the park was

first built it was called Wheeghman Park because the owner of the whale’s last

name was …show more content…


February 23, 1988, the Cubs made the decision to install lights in Wrigley Field.

The first official night game was scheduled for August 8, 1988, but the game was

cancelled after four innings due to rain. The first official game was played the next


There have also been recent renovations to the ballpark. After the 2003

season, 200 seats were added behind homeplate. After the 2005 season, 1,800 seats

were added to the bleachers making the capacity a little over 41,000. During the

2007 off-season, the whole field was replaced because Wrigley Field was known

around the Major Leagues to have one of the worst playing surfaces in all of

professional baseball.

In 2009, the Tribune Company sold the Chicago Cubs to the Ricketts’ family

for $900,000,000. The Rickett’s first order of business was to win the

World Series which has not been accomplished in 103 years for the Cubs. Wrigley

Field is more of an adult oriented ballpark now, but in the future the Rickett

family plans on building an attraction suitable for children as well. There have

been discussions on building a Chicago Cub’s Hall of Fame so that on off days

and during the off season fans can come to the ballpark and still experience

Wrigley’s atmosphere.

When the Ricketts family bought the organization there were rumors

that they were going to sell the naming rights of Wrigley Field

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