Write A Short Story Of Lil Jack

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There once was an orphan in Europe. This orphan was named Lil Jack wished he had parents and money and, he wished he had happiness. One day there was a group of families that came looking for a new child, they came and they left. At the end of the day Lil Jack was still family less. Jack was tired of being left without parents. Jack decided to run away from the orphanage. As Jack ran and ran he accidently ran into a older fellow named Captain Tory. The captain asked “Where is your home boy?” Lil Jack replied, “ I don’t have one sir.” Captain Tory said, “Come with me son.” Jack was hesitant he didn’t like the idea of following this old guy somewhere. “Where are we going?” asked Jack. “You’ll see…” Jack was very scared that Captain Tory would
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