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Option A Writing is a Process Writing had always seemed so calculated. Since fourth grade I was taught that when you write a paper for school it should be a five paragraph essay with an opening paragraph, three supporting paragraphs, and then a closing paragraph. If you wrote in this exact format then you were sure to get a good grade. Up until college writing had always lacked creativity for me and seemed more like formula that was to be followed. Writing had always seemed dull to me and more like a chore rather than a chance to express or research ideas that I truly cared about. It was not until I was in my college writing classes that I began to realize that writing involves a lot more than just following a formula and that writing can be in all different forms with various purposes. College Writing I and II has expanded my knowledge on the different forms writing can come in, what are some of the process steps that can be taken, and that overall writing does not have to be a chore. The very first paper that was assigned in my writing I class was to do {LOOK UP EXACT ASSIGNMENT NAME}. Initially I was overwhelmed and frankly stumped on how to go about this assignment. Up until this point my teachers have always given me a specific prompt that we were expected to follow. This assignment was the exact opposite and I felt overwhelmed that I could literally write about anything that I wanted to. Overall this project was difficult for me, because it was the first time I

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