Writing Is The Act And Process Of Expressing Feelings And Information

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My definition of writing is the act and process of expressing feelings and information through different forms of texts such as an essay or a book for entertainment, conveying information, etc. I made this definition because I feel that it represents writing in my life the best. In my life, I mainly write to present information that I have found on a topic for my class in school. Your not only expressing your feelings on the topic, but other’s that you have researched about the topic’s feelings. I then added the how the information is presented as part of my definition because I feel that the way you present it, whether through an essay or an article, can be important. If you present a research paper as a poem, the information presented won’t seem as strong as it would be as if it were presented through an article. Then I added the part about expressing feelings in my definition because of the books and magazines I read. Through the books and magazines I read, I can tell when the author is trying to express feelings or emotions. I personally believe in definition because I think writing articles to convey information is very important in this society, so I wanted to make sure it was incorporated in my definition. I came to believe this mainly because as I got older, I saw how dependent the world is on getting information as quick as possible. If there wasn’t a local newspaper, tons of information would
Richard 2 not get to the people. Another example of this
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