Writing Strategies : Developing Believable Characters And Writing Drafts Essay

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The two main writing strategies my placement has focused on thus far, are developing believable characters and writing drafts. To develop characters, we have taught the students to use the skills they learn in their reading lessons, and transform them onto the pages of their notebook. As mentioned, we have been working on identifying, and empathizing, with characters in reading. These same skills are needed for both reading about and writing about characters. The class is currently working on creating realistic fiction stories centered on a protagonist. The main focus of this unit is ensuring the characters created are believable, meaning do they seems like a person who could exist in real life. To accomplish this, students must make inferences about the different aspects of their character. All of the different aspects and traits of these characters need make sense in concert with one and other. The other main strategy they have learned in writing is how to write a draft. I model for the class how when writers create a first draft, they write in stream of consciousness. Meaning that the writing is less about correctness, and more about getting ideas on the paper. From there we discussed how writers edit these drafts, and ultimately revise the content into a publishable story. Through these examples, it is clear that this component of Tompkins balanced approach is being met. The fourth and fifth aspects of this approach are vocabulary and comprehension.
Neither vocabulary,

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