The Process Of Writing : My Personal Writing Process

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Teachers, parents, and friends often tell students exactly what the writing process should entail and how long it should take. However, the older I get, the more I realize that the writing process varies not only from person to person, but also from one writing project to the next. Throughout my years of life, I have written countless papers, ranging from a persuasive speech to an extensive research paper, and each project requires an altered version of my personal writing process. While each individual has his own writing process, there can be many similarities between different writing processes. Finding one’s individual writing process takes trial, error, and repetition. When an individual finally uncovers his unique writing process, better thought, work, and writing is produced. My personal writing process, if I want it to be successful, requires many aspects, such as location, environment, and sound. The location where I complete my writing process is important. I want to feel comfortable being myself and doing what I need to do to write a good paper. In my opinion, the environment in which I work should be relatively quiet, but I also like there to be enough noise to cover the sound of my typing or writing, in addition to the quiet things I mumble to myself when I write. Working in a room alone is something I can only sometimes do. Unfortunately, I am more easily distracted with technology in a room alone than I am with real people eating, talking, or studying

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