Writing Through My High School Experience

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Writing is one of life 's most important skills and I have learned a vast amount about writing through my high school experience. I have learned that writing is not a strict, structured piece of work, but a free place to express facts and opinions. Personally, I have mixed feelings about writing; I enjoy the independence, but often have a hard time connecting all of my thoughts in a coherent way. Just as most high school students, my writing style and ability has grown and morphed throughout my years, and I still have much to learn.

Looking back on my freshman and sophomore years, I now realize how little I actually knew about reading literature and writing. Before junior year, I had never learned how to actively read a book, how to connect novels to each other, or even what passive voice is! Even being so naive, I still have always been a fairly decent writer. I have always had good grasps on grammar, mechanics, and comma usage. I also have never had an issue with organization of writing. The structural aspect of writing has rarely been an issue for me. I try to exemplify my writing mechanics in my writing by using complex sentences to show that I can lengthen my writing, but still have it make sense. It has always been the creative part of writing that has been my challenge. I have never been a creative person, so at times that aspect of writing has been quite difficult for me.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "With freedom comes responsibility." In my case, the

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