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Sunni Brown, the co-author of “Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers”, makes a sound and coherently proficient case in which she suggests that the definition of ‘Doodling’ be changed to “make spontaneous marks to help yourself think”. Brown’s speech at the March 2011 ‘TED’ conference in Long Beach, California before academics and her peers, was entitled “Doodlers, unite!”. She suggests in a both informative and persuasive manner that the act of doodling is undervalued, at times ridiculed but more often than not will assist people in learning and retaining knowledge. The speech’s structure, content, implemented speech devices and delivery will be analysed as to whether they were successful or unsuccessful.…show more content…
Brown introduction may be seen in the eyes of many as unsuccessful because of her lack of pull on the audiences interest. It is commonly said that an audience member will make a judgement as to whether they will pay full attention to a speaker in the first five to fifteen seconds of a speech (Steven A. Bebe and Susan J. Bebe, 2011, p. 112). It is slightly distressing to think that some people who are quick to judge may have missed Brown’s important message because of her uninteresting opening. She immediately follows with an establishment of her credibility, and as indicated by Pamela Thompson (2005, p. 23), this is a highly recommended element of speech as doing so can have a favorable effect the audience. Brown follows on by defining her problem with the wide belief that doodling is “considered to be anti-intellectual and counter to serious learning” (Sunni Brown, 2011). It is at this juncture in her speech that Brown begins to make her first main point, ‘the reality of doodling’, by giving statistics and examples of the perceptions of doodling in western society and effectively giving the audience reasons to laugh at how they may have previously perceived the act of doodling by weaving in thoughtful comparisons and well known research. This was greatly effective because it created a feeling of familiarity in the audience which promotes a greater level of audience engagement as reiterated by Patsy McCarthy and Caroline Hatcher (2002 , p. 13). Brown sends the

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