Wrongdoing In The Food Industry

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As the population grew for the world, the demand for food increased so people had to come up with ways of creating more food to be able to feed everyone. However, there were many consequences to this and there is a lot of wrongdoing in the business of the food industry. Animals, workers, and even the environment is mistreated because these large companies want profit, not to keep us healthy. American’s diets are very unhealthy and has caused many health issues such as diabetes, obesity and more. However, people who are minorities have a higher chance of attracting these health issues. Although the food industries are able to feed the people of America, we must realize that these have a lot of consequences and affect their health; therefore we should change the food system to be able to help Americans lead a healthier and happier life. America’s diet is filled with loads of sugar and fatty foods that are processed which causes many health issues. For example, in Mark Bittman’s article, “Bad Food? Tax it, and Subsidize Vegetables,” he addresses that Americans should change their diet because the average Americans consumes loads of unhealthy food which results in health problems along the line. Mark Bittman states that, “Right now it’s harder for many people to buy fruit than Froot Loops; chips and Coke are a common breakfast. And since the rate of diabetes continues to soar — one-third of all Americans either have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, most with Type 2 diabetes, the
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