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BRISBANE AT WAR – 1939 till 1945 The United States of America entered WW2 in 1941, directing their campaign from Australia as it started to perceive threats from Japan (2). By 1942, Brisbane had been set up as the support and training base for the Pacific War (2). Military personal from America started arriving in Brisbane, with the small number of troops requiring accommodation being dealt with by leasing rooms in many of the CBDs hotels, guest houses, or by leasing rooms in private residences (5). This solution was quickly obsolete as troops poured into the city, with approximately 100,000 US troops stationed around the city between 1942 and 1945 (1 & 3). During this period, Australia’s divisions returned to Brisbane from the Middle …show more content…

Since the racecourse was an important recreation facility in Brisbane, the Americans were not allowed to damage the racetracks, therefore the campsite remained a tented city, with only a few temporary pre-fabricated buildings (5). Similarly, Victoria Park, another large open field, was offered to the US Army to set up camp. It too was handed over with very strict rules that it had to be given back to council with no damages. The sites close proximity to the CBD and Normanby rail yards made it a prime spot for the troops, and so a camp site was set up with prefabricated huts spread throughout the park. The exhibition grounds, The Rocklea State School and showgrounds, Yeronga Park, the Camp site in Moorooka, and the Chermside Army Camps were all also sites chosen due to their large grounds and access to tramlines. Chermside in particular, had to accommodate 3,500 militia troops, and so they were accommodated on a large paddock that was close to Geebung railway station and also had good road access. The camps had a vast array of tented lines for accommodation, with pre-fabricated buildings housing the camps messes and bathing areas (5). Camp sites sometimes also had a certain type of demographic allowed inside. This segregation meant that there were sites specifically for married men, bachelors, African Americans, and Females. Camp Freeman for example was set up to accommodate the

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