X-Ray Technician Research Papers

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X-ray Technician X-ray Technician is a great job because it shows what is inside the body, helps patients figure out what is wrong with them, and it's not harmful but helps out a lot. The technician has to position the imaging equipment over the patient with proper height and angle to get the clear image ( X-ray technicians stand on their feet all day and cater the unhealthy and make them start to feel better ( X-ray technicians might work in a building but some might work by traveling or going to a safe spot and have all the equipment in the back of a van ( During an x-ray procedure, a technician must put the patient’s body is a specific place for the machine to take a picture ( X-ray technicians …show more content…

X-ray is robust and growing nationwide (Career as a Radiologic Technician, Radiography, Ultrasound x-ray Technician). Before x-ray there were just photographers or doctors (Radiology). The chest is the most x-ray area for patients (Career as a Radiologic Technician, Radiography, Ultrasound X-ray Technician). Radiographers performs exams using radiation in black and white to get the images of anatomy (Career as a Radiologic Technician, Radiography, Ultrasound X-ray Technician). X-ray technicians must follow every patient after they get done with radiation no matter what ( Radiologic technologists have to follow the exact instructions to be able to help or diagnose the patient ( They need to know how to be able to work with all of the equipment (Career as a Radiologic Technician, Radiography, Ultrasound X-ray Technician). Radiologic exams and procedures has grown over the years ( Radiologic technology will always have a job for the right ones in the world, job stability and a good salary ( Radiologic technologists held about 197,000 jobs in 2014 ( X-rays has also became one of the most top equipment to determine whether paintings are real or copies (Radiology). The important qualities about X-ray Technician. The main details are Interpersonal skills, Math skills, Physical stamina, and Technical skills ( When the x-ray sees something wrong it sends a signal to a computer that will adjust the manufacturing process to correct the error

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