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Day 195 When Xion walked back into the Gray room, things appeared to be normal, Saïx was even back on his post and Axel and Roxas were talking with each other in the back. Saïx, realizing her presence, went up to her and gave her a slip of paper. "Your mission is to collect 30 hearts in Neverland," He said. "Saïx...can I ask why you and Axel were fighting yesterday?" "That wasn't the first time something like that occurred between us. It just so happens that night had clear skies, under the moon, while my power is augmented, my judgement gets cloudy." Surprised she wasn't shut down immediately with the usual 'it's none of your concern' response, she egged him on further, "Why do you and Axel fight so much if you used to be such good …show more content…

The shady areas, casted from the leaves of the towering trees, made for a perfect spot for heatless to appear. So when she walked by, a few heartless lurked out from the shadows and clawed at her leg. Xion shook them off, then used her keyblade to impale them. "What kind of weapon is that, never seen anything like it." Xion turned around and saw a boy, no older than her with short blond hair tied up in a small ponytail, durable yet 'unique' clothes in her eyes, and a grin on his face she'd come to remember dearly. "Huh, who are you?" "Tell me yours first," He enticed. "...Fine. My name is Xion." "Xion? Your name's as pretty as you are." "Really?" She decided to play along. "You're the charmer, what's a guy like you doing in this jungle?" "Oh you know, looking for pretty girls, and boy, was today my lucky day." She giggled. "Mine too. So do you know anything about this place?" "About Neverland? Nope, I only know it's name." He leaned on the tree beside him. "I've only been here for two weeks, would've left sooner if my Gummi ship didn't break down and go fall in the ocean like that. It really sucks." "Sorry to heart that, but if you don't mind me asking, why are you here?" "I'm looking for someone." "Who? Maybe I can help you find them." "Well her name is—" The sound of screaming coming not too far away from them cut him off. Xion summoned her keyblade, prepared to take off, but not without him. "Come on, you can tell me on

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