Examples Of Alternate Ending To 1984

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Alternate Ending: 1984 After Winston got released from the facility where he was half brain washed, he decides to go to the cafe. As he’s walking up to the door he sees a dark haired girl, with a sash around her waist. He knew that Julia was the only person in town to wear a sash. He walked into the cafe and up to the counter where Julia was standing ordering herself a double caramel Frappuccino, “Make that two please” Winston says. She turns around and is very shocked, but not so happy to see Winston. Julia grabbed her coffee and stormed out of the cafe. Winston was a little confused on why Julia wasn't so happy to see him. He ran out of the cafe to stop and talk to her. “Julia!” he yelled, “Why are you following me?” Julia asked. “Because I would like to talk to you, I haven't seen you in a while.” “Well I have nothing to say to you. Goodby Winston” Winston quickly grabbed her arm, “Hey! Can we just go back inside and talk? 10 minutes? That's all I'm asking for.” Julia …show more content…

He pulls a gun out of his jacket pocket and points it at the back of Winston’s head. “Julia will you mar…” Blood splattered everywhere. Everyone is screaming and running out of the cafe’. Winston fell to the ground, Julia screamed “HELP!! HELP!!” She looked up to see if she could she who shot Winston but no one was in sight. Julia cried “Winston, no, no, no, stay with me. I can’t lose you again.” As she fell to the floor crying uncontrollably. Five minutes passed by and still no one had came in to help. Julia sat there traumatized of what had just happened, all she say was “This can’t be real, this can’t be real. I can’t continue to live with this pain.” Julia grabbed the knife from the table and slit her throat. Winston and Julia both laid there with the blood from their bodies connecting

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