Xacc/280 Week 8 Final Paper

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• Provide a brief description about the results the team member achieved this year towards their goals/priorities (in 250 words or less).

Gilly started with Toyota on 01/17/17 as the Vehicle Supply/TCUV Analyst. During her short tenure, she has acclimated well within the two departments and has jumped right in to learning her responsibilities.
Gilly was able to accomplish some key tasks during the couple months she has been here. She was tasked with planning the TVO Meeting from cradle to grave, by producing the ePPR and obtaining signatures, meeting room setup, lunch, and off-site dinner planning. The event went smooth and she was able to successfully close out the ePPR and stay under budget.
Gilly has also learned and is executing the management of our pool vehicles across the Region. While this is a part of her normal job function, she has picked up on it quickly and assisted with setting up and moving the vehicles to a new location, as we partnered with a new company. …show more content…

• Explain how the team member performed relative to the Team Toyota Competencies in the last year. (in 250 words or less). …show more content…

Gilly has been very attentive and responsive to the pool book requests. She is also very cognizant of special requests, such as executive requests, and takes extra time to deliver an exceptional customer experience. She also demonstrates “Solve” with regards to the pool book as she is continuously attempting to accommodate and prioritize her customers, while asking for my guidance in certain necessary

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