Year Round Education : The Time Has Come

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Grant Coffey
Mrs. Mercer
Honors English 1
30 January 2017
Year-Round Education: The Time has Come “A long summer vacation in which students forget much of what they have learned is far from ideal for learning” (Shields et al.). Many educators are beginning to realize the benefits of year-round schooling. Even though year-round education is not traditional, year-round schooling should be implemented because year-round education increases academic achievement, frequent breaks allow students and teachers to recharge, and track plans relieve overcrowding. Year-round students still retain school holidays, but these holidays are distributed throughout the year. These breaks created are called intersessions. Year-round education comes in many
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This develops an academic gap between the two schooling methods. Furthermore, intersessions offer time for remedial work. Year-round schools offer optional intersession classes during breaks, such as remedial classes for struggling students. “Intersessions provide students who need additional help with extra time for learning or a chance to learn through unconventional methods. Classes include a wide range of learning opportunities, from robotics to math to cooperative games” (Shields et al.). Students typically need time to catch up with their classes. Year-round education understands this concept. “These schools are also providing remediation and enrichment for students during the breaks so that students have opportunities to relearn material, practice skills, catch up, or experience nonacademic enrichment activities continuously throughout the year” (Huebner 83). If and when children fall behind, catch-up work can be done much more quickly compared to a traditional calendar. The intersessions provide a perfect amount of time to catch up on work and recharge before returning to school the next week. Typically, year-round students will receive an intersession every few weeks. Yet, the length and frequency varies depending on school. In addition, intersessions offer extra time for college preparation. This is especially helpful for high school students. “In
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