Yellow Fever Outbreak

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Yellow fever is a viral infection that is transmitted by mosquitoes. This communicable disease has had an outbreak that crossed international borders within the past five years. According to WHO (2017), countries that have been affected by the outbreaks include Brazil January 2000, Netherlands February 2000, Nigeria May 2000, Liberia August 2000, Guinea December 2000, Côte d'Ivoire May 2001, Peru June 2001, Belgium November 2001, Senegal January 2001, Sudan May 2003, Sierra Leone August 2003, Burkina Faso October 2003, Venezuela September 2004, Maili January 2005, Togo December 2006, Paraguay February 2008, Central African Republic May 2008, Republic of the Congo April 2009, Cameroon October 2009, Uganda January 2011, Chad February 2013,…show more content…
Due to the potential deadly nature of the Yellow Fever, it would be vital that people within the community get vaccinated immediately after an outbreak happens. India is a highly populated area with a generally warm climate. The environment in India would sustain the vectors necessary for transmitting Yellow Fever, and the massive quantity of potential hosts could lead to a massive outbreak. Businesses would be affected because travel into the outbreak area would slow down. The local government would have to focus on the outbreak instead of other local issues. The local government would have to report the case to the higher levels of government and thus relaying the information to the World Health Organization. Hospitals would have to supply screening and vaccinations to the citizens of the community. Patients would fill hospital beds until treatment is finished, and this would lead to an overcrowding of patients in the hospital. Schools would have to have ways of getting screening of students. Due to the students being close to one another throughout the day, the students would need bug spray, and long-sleeved shirts with pants. The school would have to use money on resources such as screens for open windows and doors so that the vectors cannot get into the classrooms. Prevention is key when discussing how to put a stop to outbreaks like yellow fever. There are two main prevention strategies one should follow to avoid yellow fever. The first one involves the use of personal protective measures to limit your exposure to the mosquitoes. Firstly, this includes the use of insect repellent. The CDC recommends Environmental Protecting Agency registered insect repellent because it contains certain chemicals for long lasting
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