Yes Came Case Study

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[Background - No Came and Notorious B.I.G.] Talk is Cheap, Uh Huh Talk is unneeded, Uh Huh Talk is ludicrous, Uh Huh Uh Huh (plays throughout song) (3x) Damn nigga, I gets down With all what da hater says I gets down Damn in my own league I gets down, nigga I gets down, nigga, I gets down Verse 1 No Came What makes positive-routed, good children, and polite children go out and do wrong Cause the jails cover zero, you could throw an interception too long That’s like an incomplete pass or unopen receiver You can go to prison for going deep enough, I’m talk about in sales If you selling drugs you can spend 20 years in jail Plus it would expensive to make bail, paying the damages for years Like Triple H and Cactus Jack 2000 Hell in a Cell…show more content…
Verse 4 [Notorious B.I.G.] I had the master plan I'm in the caravan on my way to Maryland With my man Tutex to take over this projects They call him Tutex, he tote two techs And when he starts to bust He likes to ask who's next? I got my honies on the Amtrack With the crack in the crack of her ass Two pounds of hash in the stash I wait for hun to make some quick cash I told her she could be lieutenant bitch got gassed At last I'm literally lounging Black, Seating back counting double digit thousands stacks Had to re-up see what's up with my peeps Toyota dealer cars had it cheap on the jeeps See who got smoked, what rumors was spread Last I heard I was dead with six to the head Then I got the phone call It couldn't hit me harder We got infiltrated Like Nino at the Carter I heard Tec got murdered in a town I've never heard of By some bitch named Alberta over nickel-plated burners And my bitch swear to God she won't snitch I told her where she hit the bricks I'll make the hooker rich Conspiracy should be home in three Until them I look south for the home family A true G, that's me blowing like a bubble In the everyday struggle Chorus Uh, Uh Huh
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