Youth Corruption

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The Corruption of The Youth
Is too much anxiety and depression being created on the youth? What about the negative ways they view themselves? Can we relate this to the way social media is the reasoning's for the world’s problems and concerns? Social media can be classified as propaganda that is rapidly progressing. It is starting to impact so many lives that is affecting those negatively. From the way technology was brought to the world about 180 years ago, its’ use is becoming adapted through generations. Many are losing out on explorations learned as young children, due to being stuck on technology. Even though there are educational advantages for youth through technological developments, it more so promotes corruption.

Focusing on how technology was originally brought up creates a totally different motive in the generations. The first unraveling technological device is known as the telegraph. The way life was in the early 1800’s “describes how starkly and suddenly the telegraph altered many aspects of life.” Previously, the telegraph was used for more of positive aspects of life, not for entertainment values. Business were able to use its purpose to track supplies on a more closely level. Once reports were able to be made from the telegraph invention, newspapers began covering more international coverage to notify the world about what events were occurring. It became an important tool used in wars and battles that “reshaped the public experience of war.” (Brooking). As

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