Youth and the First Amendment Essay example

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Youth and the First Amendment

Many freedom of speech and expression issues that receive media attention have to do with the adult population and what they feel their rights are. What many fail to recognize is the fact that the youth today are also dealing with freedom of speech and expression issues in their own lives. The freedom of speech and expression issues that young people deal with are just as important and are handled in the same manner as any other freedom of speech issue. Three articles from The Associated Press deal with freedom of speech and expression of middle and high school aged young people. These articles shed light on what types of First Amendment issues the youth today are dealing with. In one article …show more content…

If the material handed out was not related to school activities or it’s curriculum then the students broke clearly stated school rules. Based on my knowledge of first amendment law I believe the courts will rule in favor of the school. The reason I believe this is because you cannot just allow students to hand out whatever they wish because of the First Amendment. While what they handed out in this instance was mostly harmless, and it was not reported that other students had a problem with it, other things may not receive the same reaction. If students are allowed to hand out whatever they wish, some students could take to far, to a harmful level. This ruling also needs to set a good example since many times judges look at previous cases in order to rule on their current case. While the first article did not deal with an issue that could be potentially harmful, or risk the safety of the students, the next two articles deal with free speech and school safety. The first article discusses whether or not students should be allowed to wear clothing, or accessories with confederate symbols. These middle school students do not think that it should be a problem to wear this type of clothing. They are exercising their freedom of speech in wearing these confederate articles. Wearing confederate clothing is the way these students wish to express themselves. It is a freedom of

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