Yuuko Dialectical Journal

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Yuuko was walking around this place. She had brought Maru and Moro with her. She had realized there was no coincidences or happenstance just the inevitable so she had thought it was inevitable that she had came here. Yuuko had wondered what Watanuki was doing at this moment, since he was becoming important to her. Yuuko was thinking making another shop in this place since she would be here for many years to come. [i]I wonder if Kimihiro is doing okay at this moment, but I don't think Hiwatari is necessarily his lady luck at all. He needs to stay with Doumeki[/i] Yuuko thought. For any case, this place was mostly like home. Yuuko had wondered if Kimihiro was looking for her and the two spirits at this moment. [i]I do know that Mokona would

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