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Delivering Happiness at | Supply Chain Management | Submitted To : Raghuram Jayaraman Submitted By: Kiran Khokhar Divya Jain | Table of Contents S.No. | Content | Page No. | 1. | Agile Supply Chain and its Process | 3 | 2. | E-Business | 10 | 3. | Case Study – Zappos.Com | 13 | 4. | Flow Chart | 17 | 5. | Conclusion | 20 | 6. | References | 23 | Agile Supply Chain in the Fashion Industry Keywords: supply chain, e-business, fashion, agility, global sourcing, flexibility, dynamic, predictability, product life cycle. Abstract Fashion markets are synonymous with rapid change and, as a result,…show more content…
It is not only distance that causes replenishment lead-times to lengthen in global sourcing. It is the delays and variability caused by internal processes at both ends of the chain as well as the import/export procedures in between. The end result is longer ‘pipelines’ with more inventories in them with the consequent risks of obsolescence that arise. Much of the pressure for seeking low cost manufacturing solutions has come from retailers. At the same time there have been moves by many retailers in the apparel business to reduce significantly the number of suppliers with whom they do business. This supply-base rationalisation has been driven by a number of considerations, but in particular by the need to develop more responsive replenishment systems - something that is not possible when sourcing is spread over hundreds, if not thousands, of suppliers. Managing the Fashion Logistics Pipeline Conventional wisdom holds that the way to cope with uncertainty is to improve the quality of the forecast. Yet, by definition, the volatility of demand and the short life-cycles found in many fashion markets make it highly unlikely that forecasting methods will ever be developed that can consistently and accurately predict sales at the item level. Instead ways must be found of reducing the reliance that organisations place upon the forecast and instead to focus on lead-time reduction. Shorter lead-times mean, by definition that the forecasting
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