Zea Robinson. Ap Seminar. Mrs. Frye. Period 3. 6 January

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Zea Robinson AP Seminar Mrs. Frye Period 3 6 January 2017 (Ethics) Banning the Death Penalty The death penalty is a serious and permanent sentence. The prison system should not hand out this sentence freely; yet 1,442 people have been executed since 1976. (DPIC) This is unacceptable due to the fact that the procedure is not a guarantee against “cruel and unusual punishment” (Unah). Also some of those who were given the death sentence were wrongly accused (Simonovic). Should it then be legal to take innocent lives that have committed no wrong? By banning the death penalty unjust accusation of innocent people are less likely to occur, and legislators and the public can figure out how to solve punishing serious and capital crimes without …show more content…

Even for those justly convicted, are usually still under high amounts of stress, etc. due to their impending deaths. Science has played a role in the debate over the death penalty for some time. One question concerning science and the death penalty include, questioning the ethical appeal of using executed bodies for anatomical research. People can understand the benefit of doing so since the bodies are “fresh” and they allow researchers more control of their subjects, since they know how the person died, when the person died, and the exact time of death; etc. but the concern is encompassed around the consent and knowledge of the criminal about how their bodies will be used after their execution. Another issue is the people who administer lethal injections are rarely properly qualified due to many physicians refusing to participate in the executions. Anatomists have been using the bodies of executed criminals for years, but there is a need for an ethical law code regarding where and how anatomists acquire bodies. (HILDEBRANDT) This is because some people question using executed criminals for research since they are usually not asked or aware of the potential use of their bodies after death. Medical practitioners traditionally do not inject the criminal with the cocktail used in lethal injections. They are typically done by others outside the medical profession, which could potentially lead to botched

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